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Sample Spring Boot project to show how to make Http Basic Authentication.

Used External Libraries:






Source code can be found on GitHub:

Glad you are continuing to read Migrating from Weblogic to Spring Boot article. This part covers Unnecessary Dependencies, Fat Jar vs Thin Jar and Start-stop sh Best Practices.

If you haven’t finished reading the first part yet, I highly recommend continue to that part firstly. Here is the link:

4. Removing Unnecessary Dependencies


Iconic art film director Andrei Tarkovsky’s last movie, Offret, which is written and directed by him but unfortunately he passed away shortly after, opens and finishes with stunning Johann Sebastian Bach composition. While this, Matthäus-Passion “Erbarme Dich”, peace of heaven playing at the background, an old man and his grandson plants a dry wood into the edge of the pond, and they water that wood every day after. Old man says nature can not resist on their purpose, eventually that dry wood will come into leaf. He indicates that even a dry wood where planted not particularly fertile soil would bloom inevitably if and only if it will be watered every single day with sincere diligence and commitment. Power of continuous actions and commitment so effective that after some point the content of the action becomes trivial.


“Stand up straight with your shoulders back”

“…, if someone challenged or corrected him he really seemed to like it” (on the foreword Dr. Norman telling about Peterson)

“Sometimes it seems the only people willing to give advice in a relativistic society are those with least to offer.”

“The idea…

One year ago, some colleagues invited me to watch a basketball match. I was enjoying hanging out with them, but the last time that I watched a live basketball match was when I was a little kid and since then I had had lost the contact with basketball in that…

Recently I went to the barbershop I frequently go to. The barber is someone in his late forties and also interested in aviculture as a hobby. He likes to talk about the birds while doing his job. That day, he started to talk about goldfinches. As he tells, the kind…

Make sure you have already installed Docker.

By running below command, you can see docker images you have on your local computer.

You’re going to need postgres and dpage/pgadmin4 images for PostgreSQL local set up but before pulling these images if you ever want to remove an image, run…

git remote -v

git remote add {remote repository name} {new URL}

git remote add neworigin https://somethinglikethis.git

git push -u neworigin {current branch}:{new branch name}

git push-u neworigin feature:newbranch

I know there are plenty of Git cheat sheets on the web but this is not one of them. I just want to give a sense to rookie developers which Git commands they probably need in real world scenarios. Even so, I largely use IDE’s Git integration.

git status


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