Git commands that I mostly use

I know there are plenty of Git cheat sheets on the web but this is not one of them. I just want to give a sense to rookie developers which Git commands they probably need in real world scenarios. Even so, I largely use IDE’s Git integration.

git status

git add

git add .

git commit -m “First Command”

git log
(shows commits)


git hist

git diff

git diff {commit ID} HEAD

git diff {branch name} master

git difftool

Merge types:
(when no additional new work on parent(master) branch, (can be disabled but mostly used)),
(all merge conflicts must be resolved)

HEAD is last commit of the branch, but can manually move somewhere else

git branch -a

git checkout -b {new branch name}

git checkout {branch name}

git merge {branch name}

cat {file name}
(while merging to see conflicts)

in the .gitignore file, we put the file extensions we want git to ignore

git tag

git tag — list

git tag -d {tag name} -m “Message”

git stash

git stash list

git stash pop

git reset {commit ID} — soft
(for time travel between commits, instead of soft you can use mixed or hard as well)

git reflog
(shows actions in repository)

git remote -v
(shows remote repository)

git clone {remote repository url}

git clone {remote repository url} {folder name}
(If we do not give the file name, it will directly name it just the same as repository)

git fetch origin master
(someone else made a change and pushed to the remote, I fetch it from there, but I did not merge yet, I just got the information)

git pull origin master

git push origin master

git branch -d {local branch name}
(use -D for force delete)

git push origin — delete {remote branch name}