Go to That Match for a Change

Furkan Topal
2 min readDec 13, 2020

One year ago, some colleagues invited me to watch a basketball match. I was enjoying hanging out with them, but the last time that I watched a live basketball match was when I was a little kid and since then I had had lost the contact with basketball in that way, and even though, I really enjoy playing it. So, I thought I might get bored but even so I chose to go for a change. The match was fantastic, no need to mention atmosphere, a player broke the all-time league record. One might say, it was a privilege to watch live that game, and I can’t say less than that.

It has been almost one year, and I have been actively following this team’s matches in my leisure times. Even I started talk about these games with my close friends, and they started to watch as well. I know this is not a rocket science nor something directly contributing to society. But this one decision in favor trying something new gave too many people, my friends and me, a new hobby. While we were watching the last night game with my close friends, I thought about this.

Say yes something new, you hesitate about it at the very first place, and see how it contributes you and your circle’s life in a positive way.