How to find a job in the abroad as a software developer?

Furkan Topal
3 min readNov 3, 2021


I would like to share key factors to find a decent job in abroad as a software developer according to my recent experience.

These assumptions coming from my journey of settling down to a job in Germany, however I do believe these factors are must be somehow applicable all around the world as far as I am concerned.

If you are really out there, they will find you!

I have been trying to be out there in all kind of impactful social platform for years. I have always been asked for an interview or quick chat for an job opportunity from several social platform such as LinkedIn, Stack Overflow and so on. Even directly from phone by headhunters or HR professionals who find me via my personal website which I recon they might get there from an other social platform. However, I didn’t come to that position in a single day! I have been trying to share articles, interesting technical news and my thoughts about deep matters in several social platforms for years.

So, my opinion on this topic is if you are out there and interesting enough, they will find you.

Try, fail, get feedback, try again, fail again and get feedback again…

You know the famous quote “try again, fail again, fail better”. It is obviously an effective message. However, I would like to add something to this quote which is “get feedback”. While you are in this loop, don’t forget to ask for detailed technical and personal feedback. I know, some firms not going to give you a feedback anyway which is shame of them. Nevertheless, there is no shame for asking.

Personally, a feedback about a book that I can use a reading helped me to get my current job. When one door shuts another opens, you’ll never know.

So, try at least slightly better again, fail again and get feedback again.

Systematically educate yourself.

So, when I started to read that technical book, I made a deal with myself.
I told myself that I’m going to read at least one chapter in a week no matter what. While doing that, I will take notes and I will share those notes on my GitHub account. As a plus, I was following a technical video series from a online platform. I promised to myself that I will watch, and of course learn, at least ten part from that video series in a week. This consequential educational weeks helped a lot at the end. Even, I was charmed with how far I went with only humble but precisely systematic several steps.

So, systematically educate yourself but be precise and humble with your steps.

You might be puzzled that I didn’t say any technical terminology so far. I didn’t say anything like Java, Cloud, Backend, React an so on and so fort.

I don’t believe one single technology is going to miraculously settles you down to a job vacancy in abroad or even within your home country. On the other hand, these key factors are related to behavioral aspect of the developers which is more vital but sometimes overlooked.

Promote yourself, get feedback and systematically educate yourself.




Furkan Topal