The Goldfinches On The Flyway

Recently I went to the barbershop I frequently go to. The barber is someone in his late forties and also interested in aviculture as a hobby. He likes to talk about the birds while doing his job. That day, he started to talk about goldfinches. As he tells, the kind of goldfinch which settled in one place for a long time doesn’t sing very well. Moreover, usually, a clear majority of settled goldfinches can’t even sing at all, he said. On the contrary, the goldfinches which are passing by flyway, the migratory goldfinches, sing wonderfully. While he was telling these, of course, the analogy popped up in my mind immediately. Just like the humans, the goldfinches, the ones settled for a long time in one place, can not improve themself. Those improve themself most beautifully are on the road all the time, taking all kind of risks and escaped from the comfort zone.



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